I think we need to have the facts straight first. Questions such as following needs to be answered first: how easy is to just follow Ethereum? Easy at all? How about the Substrate route? Which one takes less effort?

Perhaps a report, by the developers is in order, specifying which options are possible and the approximate time each one will take. It's also a good roll-call to see who we have onboard as developers and how much time they are willing to spend here. So far it seems we only have 2 developers. Even if they work full time on this project, it'll take possibly a year or so to develop something new, as it requires research, development, implementation and testing before deployment. We might choose to relax some steps here to speed it up but how do I know? We need to hear from the people who want to do the work. But even figuring this out takes a lot of time on the side of developers.

My guy feeling is that copying a proven solution is easier. Reduce the emission and just follow Ethereum if it's doable. There is nothing wrong with Eth other than the presale.